2011 - McIntire Home (yes the image above is messed up)

OKAY! I’m’s now officially 2011 and after a few months of NON-blogging and NON-exercising, I am READY TO ROLL!!! It’s the 2nd of January and it’s TIME to get this party started…I’ll see if I can splash a BIG 2011 over the house pic up top here so it pops a bit and NOW I need to get to work on the other pages. I’ve got a few more things I’ve been working on the latter part of 2010 so I’ll try to summarize those quickly and also keep 2011 current.

Thanks for stopping by our virtual home! It’s been so good to get back to Oklahoma, we’ve now celebrated our 2-year anniversary of being “home”. We really love being home and now that it’s been a couple of years, the feeelings of permanance are really settling in – we’ve moved a few times and it seems like it just takes that long to feel like you’ve got “roots” in an area. We’ve had  a lot of great things to be thankful about in 2010 and I don’t think I can cover them all…We’ve got Pinewood Derby Cars to build this month, Basketball Games to play, a home court to stripe, an arcade game to finish with Tom, an oldest son to get out of the doghouse (yes, it might take all year), PHENOMENAL amount of weight to lose, a half-marathon to run in April and probably a lot I’m forgetting. Katie is putting together a Relay Team to run the Marathon this April as well so she and 4 of her girlfriends are going to have a lot of fun with this – this will be her first running event so this is a BIG deal!!!


 Check out the blogs, feel free to comment. I’m trying to use this as a format to keep up with my thoughts and share our family with our friends and extended family. This branch of the McIntire family is only part of the bigger tree. Mom and Dad live here in OKC as do Katie’s folks, Art and Janyce Myers (Edmond). My older brother Mitch and his family (Susan and the girls) live close by as well. Doug (my other brother, Darrell) lives in Colorado Springs with his wife, Veda and their 2 girls. My little sister, India, lives in Scotland, yep Scotland, with her husband Colin and son, Garrett. Katie has two sisters, Kristen who lives in Tulsa area with her husband, John and their 4 kids. Kelly lives in Washington D.C. with her husband and 2 girls. Katie’s brother, Casey, passed away a few years ago and is often thought of and always missed – he was a wonderful and gentle young man.

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