What’s a World View?

Well – I didn’t know either until about 2007.  I had someone offer a belief that I didn’t beleive in but I wasn’t prepared to offer any good information, facts or stuff to support my opinion.  I just knew I was right and he was wrong, but I didn’t know why.  The good news is I said to him, “tell you what, I’m not prepared to answer this question, but will you let me do my homework and come back to this?” he said “yes” and we did.  I found that a LOT of good information was available that cleared my thinking and he and I had a MUCH better conversation(s) after that.  I stumbled across the term “World View” and found that it is basically the lens that we look at the world through.  It is the belief structure that includes politics, theology, economics, parenting, citizenship, morality and spirituality.  WOW – that sounds like a lot of work, but it is VERY worthwhile.  I have friends with a bigger brain pan than I have that can carry this mental framework up in the front of their brains, but I am much more mentally challenged than they and need a Big Chief Tablet and a Jumbo Box of Crayons (i.e. this Blog) to keep track of it.  I invite you to post here as your questions or comments will fuel my studying and flesh out my own World View. (and hopefully yours too!)

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  • admin

    I agree. But most of us don’t really DEFINE the box, much less refine it. That’s the challenge – Define Your Beliefs.

  • t3

    Theology is the box we try to fit God into. No mater how much we refine the box, it is still OUR box and not God’s.

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