Ooze or Design?

So what do you think? Is it possible, probable or plausible that we slimed our way into existence or did more thought go into why we are how we are?  Do you have good evidence that is more compelling for one belief structure than another?  Truth is singular and I think part of our inclination is to seek it out.  Let’s start with the concept that we can’t all be right.  There should be no losers in this discussion if Truth is the goal.  This is not a discussion for the close-minded or arrogant so don’t dip your toe into the waters here if you aren’t ready for your horizons to be broadened (myself included)…  I commit to be humble and accomodating so if you feel I am not being fair-minded, please feel free to call me out.  I want to learn and grow, but I also want the preponderance of plausible evidence to carry the consensus.  No opinion should be off-limits if Truth is the real goal.  Hope this if fun, but more importantly, hope it helps us arrive somewhere important.

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