Friends, Noses and the Couch

You can pick your nose AND you can pick your friends…..but you can’t wipe your friends on the couch…

1/2/10: I was thinking today about being irritated with my friends that I run with (Pirana Brothers) because they ALWAYS (maybe not always, but it seems like it) drag me into doing things that are beyond my ability (well, not technically) to accomplish.  Like this morning – I figure I’ll run 4 miles, they’re fine with that (so they say) but we get to having a decent time and I decide I’ll stick it out for the 6 miles (they know what’s going on inside my head) then the farging iceholes don’t watch for the turnaround (OK – I was assuming they would) and we run an extra half mile.  I know, what’s the big deal? Well, I haven’t run for a couple months and have seriously dedicated myself to gaining weight so I have no business really being out there in the first place – that’s the big deal. So I’m almost as far out as I intended to run NOW I have to get back.  They don’t care, they didn’t put on 20 pounds in 2 months, some friends right?

Well – I got to thinking about it and I think these are the kinds of friends I really need.  If it weren’t for them, I would have been on my treadmill and maybe running 3 miles instead of 7.  I didn’t die and I came away being very impressed that I could actually do that and perhaps I wasn’t as far away from getting my running legs back as I thought.  BUT the real point is that I have friends who push me to stretch and challenge my limits and I’m better for it.  Not just in running as that’s not the bigger picture, we need to have people in our lives that push us and that’s often unpleasant in the moment, but we’re better men(people) for it. How often do I avoid challenges in life that would make me a better man for enduring? I need friends that make me do things, think things, accomplish things, endure things, complete things, attempt things and even fail at things I would simply avoid if left to my own devices.  Sincerely Thank You T3, Mav, Goose, Weeble and even Sweet T.  You made me better today and I’m not talking about the run.

~ BFG(that would be me)

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  • t3

    i called you (and the other piranas) because without you all set-up to meet me there, i would not have run at all this morning. you may not be fast but you are reliable! and running with you make me a better man too.

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