2011-2-28 Know What I Mean?

OK…so it wasn’t Mt. Everest. But it was cold! I say this because cold is a relative term. See, last night it was balmy after hitting 80 degrees during the day. (yes it’s February) I woke up at 1:30 in sweat because the heater was on and the house temp said 76 and it’s ALWAYS hotter in the bedroom…(you know what I mean)( yep – that’s what I mean)

So, I figure it’s going to be 60 degrees or so for the 6 AM run this morning and I dressed light..checked the weather and it said 36 degrees !!!!  NO WAY…!  Way. It  actually was AND there were snowflakes in the air… NFW! (interpret that in an age-appropriate way)(yep- that’s what I meant)

so we rattle off a 4.5 mile jaunt over to “Thomas” Hill and back…man he’s a pain in the arse. Intimidating, exhausting, challenging and slippery when wet. The run was hard too. (you know what I mean)

J-Dawg has had a nice running breakthrough. He’s had 3 runs without breaking stride. He’s getting his legs and learning how to breathe. He’s actually starting to push/pull me a bit. I guess I better lose some weight fast.(er) Tomorrow, T3 is going to join us and I’ve thrown out an invite to Mav also. Hopefully they’ll join us. I’d love to see Mav completely dominate “Thomas” Hill.

(You know what I mean)

(also, big brother Petch nailed a nice LONG WALK on Saturday. looks like he’s extended his range to 1.75 miles – GREAT JOB!)

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