2011-1-26 Mav, Goose, T3, J-Dawg and BFG LONG RUN

HEY – it was a great morning for a run. Mav and T3 needed a 16-miler this morning, Goose wanted 6, J-Dawg needed 6 and I just needed another drink…but I ran instead. Everyone seemed to do very well this morning. It was brisk at 32 degrees but not a bad temperature for running really. Mav planned out a crazy back-and-forth, zig-zaggy route from his house to Lake Hefner then to Lake Overholser (or Holdhercloser)….Goose is recovering from a head wound (slip and fall) so he tagged 6 miles – GOOD JOB GOOSEY! J-Dawg met us all at the 4 mile mark and Plan A was to run to 5, turn around with me and run back. 5 + 1 is 6 – get it? But after getting slight motion-sickness running Mav’s zig-zag route we agreed to run out to 6 and then just run straight, more or less, back to Mav’s house. Well, it turned into MORE actually. but that was GOOD “cause we were feeling good and J-Dawg got a 6.6 mile PR out of it. I got 10.6 out of it so everyone’s happy.

I texted to Mav and T3 and asked how the rest of their run went and they said they did great after they dropped the dead weight. Now, I’m assuming that was the potty break for Little Mav at mile 4 where we had to wait for him while our pace was suffering. I’m sure he’s not talking about US….

Well, I can almost guarantee a Negative Split any day you want to run if you let me run the first half with you….I may not be very good, but I’m definitely slow.

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