2011-2-21 Faster than a Rain Drop

Yep. I win. I RULE the skies!

The average rain drop falls from the sky at 7 MPH. I ran 4+ miles in slightly under 8:30 pace which means that I ran at slightly faster than 7 MPH which means I REIGN over RAIN!

Bring it Mother Nature and I’ll send you packing again. I’ve got snow so frightened I don’t think it’s coming back until next winter. And before any of you nay-sayers find out that rain can fall faster than that, I will point out it can also fall slower than that. I’ll also say I can run faster than that  – so jes sheddup.

J-Dawg hit a PR also, I saw that I was running fast and T had been pulling us for the front few miles so I decided to see if I could push myself for a nice negative split. I am happy about this.

Rain, rain, go away…or I’ll kick your wet heiny!

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