2011-2-19 Weeble Wobbled with us for LR

Yeah! Weeble joined us for our LR this morning – always a pleasure to have him along…

Chooch got a record-breaking 6-er in today because we LIED to him and told him it was only 5.5. Weeble just ran the Houston Marathon a couple weeks ago so he’s running good and did almost 11 miles with me while T3 realized we are all running the HALF-Marathon and he needs to be running 14-16 today so he ran from his house to join us which adds a mile or so each he gets credit for 13’ish…nice job.

Chooch got to learn about breathing today as he was running out of 02 a few times. He’s got great endurance as a cylcist…really, this guy will literrally ride for hours and hours, but the transition to running is different..since you can’t coast when you run out of breath if you’re RUNNING! otherwise it’s called WALKING!

but Chooch should be proud of a new distance PR. it was QUITE warmer than normal and the distance was further than he had ever run before…so NICE JOB .. CHOOCH!

J-Dawg was at the lake and texted me LATE (11:20 PM) Saturday night saying he had gotten a good 4+ miler in before midnight…we need to look out for this MANIAC! literally running in the middle of the night to Git R Done…well played sir, well played.

so good job ALL…I dropped the ball and didn’t call Goose since his slip and fall head injury to see if he wanted a few miles…I texted and apologized, turns out he got some bicycle time in and was good.

ALSO: Big Brother Petch got in a LW to boot. He’s begun walking for exercise and stapled another half mile onto his prior walking distance so another PR occured today.

ALSO-ALSO: Super Wife/Mom KT ran uninterrupted for 2 miles which is PHENOMENAL! She is well on her way to handling her leg of her Relay coming up in May…NICE JOB!

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