2011-2-17 Queen, Chooch & J-Dawg

Yep – did it all.

I did not do my Tempo Run yesterday (wed) as per my schedule dictates. So I figured I would go against my typical advice and let missed runs go and NOT try to make them up….if they were really your runs then they will come back…if not, you will choke and die on race day. The weather has been so strangely amazing 78 degrees today..that I decided to get my bike out, pump up the tires and hit the hills on the way to meet the guys for a 3.5 mile Distance Run.

A good high-cadence bike ride does wonders for my pace – I Like to Ride my Bicycle…I like to ride my bike.  HOLY COW! Last year I was sprinting up these hills on my bike and taunting my riding buddies as I passed them…I almost didn’t make it..not to mention I left NO time for a rest before my run so I had to push the pace so the other guys wouldn’t have to wait. Don’t know why I care since they make me wait sometimes…

So Chooch was there waiting on me – SURPRISE – he’s usually late…and J-Dawg was late – SURPRISE – he’s usually on time…GOOD NEWS is I got a 10 minute breather before we had to run. I hadn’t planned on needing much of a break tranisitioning from the bike, because I am stupid. We got a nice hilly 3.5 miles in. These guys don’t know how much the hills are helping their running training. They are getting faster and stronger already. When we hit the flat runs, they will rock it. They will, they will….ROCK IT.  (weak 2nd Queen reference – my apologies)

Took me a while to get my legs back cause they were rubbery after the ride. I’m glad I didn’t bite the dust.(3) Did I mention it was hot … not really ready for core temperature issues this early, yikes. That’s a good way to have a Sheer Heart Attack. (5)Cold weather training is nice as it allows me to get good distance in without overheating…you can always put more clothes on, but once you’re nekkid, it’s hard to get much cooler…

Yes, that’s me on the bike. I know, but it was A Beautiful Day.(6)

OK, OK… if you Don’t Stop Me Now(7) I’ll keep going forever. But right now I’m Under Pressure (8) to finish this up as The Show Must Go On. (9)

~ most folks would be compelled to go for a nice even 10 references, but I will stop at 9 just to be weird. I find I want to break free from stereotypes.

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