2011-2-15 73 degrees of perspiration

holy smokes! it’s pretty warm…last week we  (collectively Oklahoma – and, yes, I played a major role) set the all time record for “butt-cold” in OK…

what is “butt-cold” ? you ask. it’s when it’s SO cold you can feel it in your butt.

Well, last week it hit -31 degrees….not here in Edmond, but in some podunk county in Oklahoma that is now known for having the coldest recorded temperature in Oklahoma History…previously known as the most unknown town in North America. HOOray for them…still can’t remember the name of the stinkin’ place.

suffice it to say it was COLD…now it’s HOT…

J-Dawg and I rocked and rolled….REALLY appreciate the fact he was willing to run today…I had ALL KINDS of things come up today that made running a bad idea…but I’m the KING of bad ideas…well, not quite the king…but I’m at least the PRINCE of bad ideas…T3 is the KING….

well we knocked down a 9:30 pace up and down the hills we ran yesterday…. VERY proud of us…for running in the first place….and for running pretty good pace to boot…it was hot enough that I could feel my core temp rising a few times…we sprinted (sort of) up Thomas Hill and J-Dawg kept me going a lot further than yesterday..I can tell he’s going to beat me soon…

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  • Jason

    I am beat!!!! Still… wow.. that took a lot to even come close to thinking about keeping up with you today. You were a man on a mission… and it was mission accomplished!

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