2011-2-14 Hilly Hill Run

Today was a 3.6 run, supposed to be 3.5 but J-Dawg likes to push the envelope and I don’t like to be outdone so we ran the extra .10 with smiles on our faces.

REALLY nice time with a 9:25 PACE….these were some serious hills. We took a different route today over to  my favorite short hill that I believe to be the steepest incline in the’s probably 100 yards from the stop sign to the mailbox at the top…we raced up it…it looked like a scene out of Chariots of Fire except the slow-motion segment was our actual speed. Sort of a turtle race event.

I like this hill so much I have named it “Thomas”. I like to race T3 up date I have only beat him once. He claims I cheated but that’s what losers always say…Neener, Neener.

I’m really proud of us for turning in that Pace on this particular run…J-Dawg started out fast so I just let him set pace and figured we’d be OK…I kinda want a fast time occasionally since I have been running so slow lately. It has been very snowy so it’s really difficult to consider those runs as good pace runs. On the snow and ice, my stride is very different and speed is often just not possible.

so we GOT IT DONE NICE TODAY with an early run. Chooch promised that he would run at 3:00 at the lake route…I’ll textually harass him and make sure he feels the pressure  :)

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