2011-2-12 We ran the distance…we ran for speed.

NICE run today gentlemen! Both J-Dawg and “Smiley”(does that work?) trying to come up with a nickname for Caleb…well – they NAILED their first official LONG RUN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  they banged out a 5-miler like pros. (professional at what I’m not sayin’) but they did GOOD. How about “Chooch”? He does sort of chug along…I’ll wait for commenters to vote..I’m really liking Chooch..a lot.

for the record, Chooch is not an early riser…he suggested we wait for the sun to come up… we did a quick skirt-check and found he was indeed packing, so we left that in the car so the others wouldn’t point and laugh – we’ll save that for later. He was amazed that so many people were not only awake before 7 AM but actually doing something…wait til we hit a 5:30 start time…that’ll be fun.

So J-Dawg and Chooch complete their run at 5, then I coast along with Mav and T3 to finish the loop and bagged my first double-digit run of the year!!!!!…Yep, you guessed it, I ran 98 miles…

LIAR!!!  OK I ran 10.something….in the snow, uphill, BOTH WAYS! which is a lot like 98 miles.

My feet are tender, my long toe (not my big toe) on my left foot is feeling mushy but otherwise I am a pretty happy camper. Had to get to 2 basketball games this morning and had a blast watching the youngest of the McIntire Clan shoot hoops.

Great Job everyone! Thanks for running, it helps me run when you guys show up. My big brother just called me and walked a 1.25 mile distance – Nice Job Petch! This is how most of us get started in running…just by walking. literally one foot in front of the other…repeat, then do that for a few weeks and then try to run 100 f eet. then build on that…gradually increase.

ALSO: my beautiful wife RAN 2 MILES today…she’s running a relay team in the upcoming Marathon so I’m SUPER proud of her. Nice job!

Today we had a great run – hats off to the guys for their first long run, my super-hot wife, my big brother who got out walking and to the 2 Piranas that helped tug me around the lake today, for them it  was a piece of…..

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