2011-2-10 Unless it’s another SNOW RUN!!!

OK – I’m calling them out. T3 and Mav were slackers. they didn’t run yesterday.

J-Dawg did GREAT again. another 3.1 miler nailed. I got in 4.2 cause I can run to his house before we start..guess how far apart our front doors are?

today I am dealing with a lot of back pain because there were just enough slick spots that either my gait/stance/posture was different to accomodate the different conditions OR I micro-slipped (new word score) a few times just enough to yank my back a bit…OR both.  My feet never seemed so inaccessible as they did this morning putting on socks. It was a tough call, go to them or bring them to  me. I tried bending over in a chair to sockify my feet but raising back up was unfun. For my next set of tootsies I brought the leg up, slightly better. I’m just glad I only have 2 feet.

So the GOOD news is that today is a REST day. The bad news is that I REALLY REALLY need it. I will attempt to work the ouchiness out of my back today so I can run a good LR tomorrow…shooting for 10 miles which I pretty much HAVE to hit because I’ll have to get to my car and it’s too cold to walk. I figure I can handle that since I have hit 8 on the hills 2 weeks ago and this will be a flat run. Assuming one of my vertebrae doesn’t pop out today, I’m doing it.

Caleb and J-Dawg are going to run 5 so this will be quite a huge success for them – I’m excited for these guys.

Weekly Stats so far:

Runner      Mon     Teu     Wed     Thur     Fri     Sat    

J-Dawg         2           3.1      3.5       3.1         R      TBA         (11.7 miles so far! -probably get 16.7 total)

Caleb            0           0          3.5       sub        R     TBA         (he subbed elliptical for a run)

BFG               5.35       4.2     3.5      4.2        R      TBA          (17.25 so far…aiming for 27.5 by Sat)

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