2011-2-9 There’s NO run like a SNOW run!

Got the NOOBS and the DUDES together for the first time!!!  Caleb McCaleb(real name) showed UP! It was horrible weather…about 15 Degrees with windchill pulling it down to near ZERO. AND snow all over the GROUND…that’s right ALL OVER THE GROUND!

We plowed through 3.5 miles of fresh snow because none of us wanted to run today so we banded together out of desparation and had a blast. T3(on the far left), MAV, BFG, (no nickname yet Caleb) and J-Dawg did great…we figured if we could hit this run we could handle just about anything..maybe..

Yes, I was the consumnate host and brought HOT coffee for post run recovery drinks…I am so nice. Thanks to all for making the run happen today..

2 comments to 2011-2-9 There’s NO run like a SNOW run!

  • ~chris

    Yes, yes he has…and yes Mav does look like an elf. Should you ever get the itch to run…holla. I know you’ve tried it before, but now it’s New & Improved.

  • Mojo

    T3 has been working out . . .

    When the elf did Mav grow a beard?? I missed this . . .

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