2011-1-27 NEW Runnin’ bud! J-Dawg

There are not enough of the right kind of words to describe how MUCH I did NOT want to run this morning…but I had made a commitment to run with a friend “J-Dawg” who is interested in getting back into running. Take this advice (me and anyone else reading) plan and commit to your runs a few days before you have to do them. I was trying to figure out last night how to get out of running…I was up late working on WPD (weapons of Pine Destruction)….OK, they’re little toy cars made out of wood, but trust me, it’s a LOT bigger deal than that.

J-Dawg(not really his pic-ha) showed up and ran the neighborhood track with me…solid 2 miles up and down some rigorous hills and kept shooting out in front of me…really SOLID run..hat’s off J-Dawg…nice, nice run. PLUS you got me out there today. Yesterday T-Man ran my tucas for 5.35 miles…at a 9:00 pace so I was DRAGGING last night and this morning was/is hard to not just go back to bed…

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  • Jason

    Nice… I am pretty sure the only time I shot out in front was when I saw your house on that last downhill run. It’s like horses when they see the stable… the fast they run, the faster they get there… I know I would have found another excuse not to start running if I hadn’t already committed to being at your house…Thanks, c-dawg.. and that c isn’t for Chris! More like Clydesdale.. Any other horse couldn’t do what you can!

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