2011-1-26 PWD baby, PWD!!!

I have a tendency to undereat in the first several days that I get excited about dropping’s just mentally easier to not eat than figure out what to eat…the problem is that it doesn’t work. It’s a weird form of self-sabotage. Yet I do it.

anyhoo…I got a 5.35 mile run in with Super-T today..he asked how far? I said “4”, he said OK…let’s run down by the capital…freaker…not wanting to be openly ridiculed, I figure..OK..did it last week, I can do it again. Well, I did it, but holy CRUD! I was tired and since I had been not eating, because I’m so smart, I cratered right after. The good news is that I didn’t have much to do this evening.

Except take care of the kids, since my very sexy wife was going out to a basketball game with her BFFs AND fix dinner (no guy-food on the premises) so I made flapjacks from SCRATCH…SCRATCH I tell you! You know the cupboard is bare when you’re out of Bisquick. And get them bathed, one is sick AND tomorrow is check in for PWD !!! Of course you know what PWD is…right? Don’t you? …You don’t. hmmm….

Pinewood Derby is to Cub Scouts what Girl Scout Cookies are to Girl Scouts. The only justification for the entire organization-for the entire year. When it is before PWD and I’m at a meeting I hear “blah, blah, blah..pwd is 6 months away…blah, blah, blah” AFTER PWD.. I feel like it’s basically off-season and we should be in woodshop training, dry viscosity 101 and Physics under 32 feet 202, etc. Belt loops are fine, badges are good..but we all know that we’re just plotting for the next PWD season.

SO, I want so badly to sleep. My legs hurt, my dogs are barking, my eyelids are slamming shut but I’ve got wheels to mount (3 sets), a speed starter bar to mount and let the kids put decals on their buggies (preferably without touching them, breathing on them or looking at them directly)….

I find out I’ve left the PWD decal book at my freakin’ office…CRUD, CRUD, CRUD…Then I notice the red pinstripe I painted on Connor-man’s VERY cool car has bled all over the freakin’ place…my beautiful wife watches me as I peel off the tape (that was SUPPOSED to keep that $&!% from happening) and see that I have basically RUINED the paint job..and I’m cussing, cussing , cussing….

Well, pretty wife makes a suggestion on how to fix it and guess what? It worked…

got two sets of tires mounted, paint fixed, and starter bar in place..

I may just make it…

J-dog is showing up at my place at 8:30 AM to run…holy moly…I’m going to bed..NOW!

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