2011-1-24 LATE New Year’s Resolution(s)

OKAYYYY!!! I’m throwing it out there…

I’m having HUGE amounts of trouble staying on track with my goals and I’m not sure why. (well, the obvious answer is that it’s MUCH easier to stay fat, get fatter, be lazy, etc etc etc…but I’ve always been more of a git-r-done kinda guy than that)

I really do NOT want to stay stuck so I’m going to devote some effort into getting a good support network set up around me to help ensure my success. I ran/exercised great week one of this year, then got sidetracked week 2, then a little bit of effort last week and then I stepped on the scales this morning to see what I knew I would see…rats.

So here’s what I’m going to do:

I’ve spent some time writing down 4 associated lists on one piece of paper:

1.) What are the things I WANT to be doing in my life consistently right now?

2.) How have I been FEELING the last 3-4 months? (because I’m not doing them, hint: bad)

3.) How would I LIKE to be feeling? (another hint: good)

4.) What will it TAKE for me to do this? (get to the point where I’m feeling good)

So I’ve written them down and nope, I’m probably not going to post them here, but I will address some of them on some posts…

Here’s what I want to get done today…get up at 6:00 AM…DONE…yeah!, get a run in..NOT yet…but I am committing to the world wide webernet blogosphere that I will…I’ll post today/tonight when it’s done..

Here’s the First List in case you want to know:

What are the things I want to be doing consistently in my life right now?

1.)    I want to be running regularly 5-6 times per week

2.)    I want to be getting up at 6:00 AM or earlier daily

3.)    I want to weigh 215 lbs or less

4.)    I want to feel healthy and rested

5.)    I want to be making breakfast for my family most mornings

6.)    I want to be a size 36 maybe even 34

7.)    I want to be working on my World View

8.)    I want to be growing/developing my Christian Faith

9.)    I want to have a healthy perspective & behavior with food and drink

10.) I want to be spending the right time and effort as a father and husband..

to be continued……

2 comments to 2011-1-24 LATE New Year’s Resolution(s)

  • Jason

    So now we are wrapping up 2012… How is that top ten list coming along?
    From the outside.. and somewhat on the inside.. It looks like you have nailed at least 6 out of ten and the other four I really wouldn’t know about! Great job on working towards a goal and dragging others along with you. Spurring others to do good work.

  • Jason

    I like this a lot! Very cool, Chris!

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