2011-1-9 and on the 7th Day…

I rest. No running, no exercise. It’s a workout I never miss – unless a formal race occurs on Sunday. Otherwise, it’s a nice day off EVERY week.

Church was good today, sort of accidentally. Sunday school specifically. I got to meet a couple that are Russian Missionaries, Petr and Angela. Sort of puts things in perspective when you visit with someone from there and begin to get embarrassed by all your earthly posessions which are probably more than their entire congregation…I need to ponder that a bit more actively.

Anyhoo, on to the good accidental part. The Sunday School lesson seemed to be haphazard in terms of a comparison of the 10 most popular New Years’ Resolutions and a list of resolutions written by Jonathan Edwards in the early 1700’s. I believe the point of the lesson was to compare an honestly committed and passionate Christian’s take on NYR and today’s Me-Centric culture.

But it got me thinking as I looked at the list (and at mine)…lose weight, budget, get organized, exercise more, etc, etc…(fill in your own) and it occurred to me that the REASON I had these NYR’s is because I gave into SELF-serving things like overeating, being lazy, not telling myself “no” in so many ways, etc, etc….

So as I look at the typical NYR list, I see that it is nothing but a HYPER-focus on SELF and what I wanted…what I want in my head, but still, it was about me – which was the common ingredient in each of the areas I was resolving to “do better” in…hmmmm, got me thinking. What if the problem was really a focus on self and this kind of thinking would only make it worse? Seems likely.

If you find yourself at the bottom of a deep hole, stop digging – right? What would that NYR list look like? It just occurred to me that perhaps my resolutions should be more of an outward focus than more inward thinking/looking.  What do you think? Seems like I feel best about myself and least likely to indulge my weaknesses, temptations, bad habits WHEN I am focused on others and my faith (and the thing my faith-system encourages me to do). Does it work that way for you?

I’m just sayin’…

BTW – did you do anything this last week that made YOU think?

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