2011-1-5 Back to Running TODAY

That’s what friends are for. My most encouraging cycling buddy, Caleb McCaleb, (yep-real name) hollered at me over the phone when I called…”HEY-COME RUN WITH ME!”…so I said, “when?” he said “NOW!”…I said..well…OK..and hustled out to the lake (Arcadia) to run with him. Had it not been for him, I would not have run today….Thanks Caleb.

If you don’t have a friend or three that ask you to run, cycle or exercise with them…get some…it makes a HUGE difference. Surround yourself with folks that will encourage you to do what you know to do is good for you. This advice applies on a more important scale also, so I’ll go there briefly. I have the benefit of some really great men in my life that influence me more than I want to admit and more than I want them to know, so I’ll only put it here on the InterWeb confidentially. These guys I know in my life that are just regular guys BUT are out there just like me making good decisions to be good husbands, fathers and believers help me so much. I’m not so naive to think they always get it right, but I do believe they always want to get it right and that matters so much. Do they drop the ball occasionallly? Yes. Do I? Yes. But my days are better because I know they are trying to fulfill the same values I am daily. Thank you guys. (and gals- you matter too. :) )

Back to running….We ran for about 40 minutes which is WAY further than Caleb should be running right now except on a long run but it was good. I enjoy his company and hope I’m not overwhelming him with advice/info…he should meet Thomas…

I’m pretty pooped for the day but feel good…tomorrow might be a little tricky…

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