2011-1-5 Oooch, p90X Chest/Back plus Ab Ripper

YeeeIKES….I actually feel woozy.

GOOD NEWS…”SELF” went to bed at 10:00 and “SELF” got up at 6:00 AM…this is starting to work and it’s only been a few days.

MAJOR POINTER: it’s ALWAYS best to plan out my workout the night BEFORE…I just can’t think clearly when I wake up…trying to decide what workout to do AS I’m laying in bed is a really, really bad idea…I actually already knew that, it’s just that I got reminded of it bigtime this morning..DOH!

while I AM committed to run the Half Marathon on May 1st, I have found that a decent amount of cross training is VERY helpful to my running. I have found that I run a LOT better if my stomach,back, chest and shoulders are strong. (my core) It’s easier for me to just run every day because my legs get strong pretty quick…BUT I have found that on longer runs I have problems towards the end and during recovery in my back and shoulders. It’s sort of weird to think your arms would get tired while running BUT THEY DO.

As a matter of fact, in my opinion, I would suggest taking a training day to work on core ONLY as well as substituting one running training day with a bicycle day. I’ll devote another post to how to ride your bike so that it’s effective in helping your running efforts. I find the day after my bike ride, I run a lot faster…so basically speedwork is what you can accomplish on your bike.

BTW: today’s P90X was not a full workout..I can’t do that yet..I did the first rotation of exercises (chest/back) on my knees (yes-girly pushups) and did about 65% of the full count they do on the video…I did NOT do the 2nd rotation. Also on the Ab Ripper X…I did 15 when they were doing 25 and the Oblique Sit Up thingy they do…I have NEVER figured out how to do that one…I feel and look like a large Tuna on a boat deck waiting for my head to be bashed in by a fisherman.

Tomorrow I’m back to running.

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