2011-1-4 Man, I did NOT feel like it today

Well – I felt like I blew it last night – stayed up too late and KILLED my energy for today. DUMB-DUMB-DUMB…there is a big part of me that sabotages my own efforts. I really want to hund that part down and kill it – kill it dead.

Sometimes I get mad at myself, like this morning, so I got my fat out of bed (took two trips and a wheelbarrow) and said, “SELF, if you’re going to play it this way, then YOU are going to pay.” so I geared up – laid down a good running track list on my iPhone…and ran into the cold determined to run farther and faster than I have so far this week…(yes, I know it’s Tuesday – work with me)

I have mapped a perimeter run in my smallish neighborhood that is exactly 2 miles if I keep to the outside of the street by the gutter/curb…SO I added a part which was from the south entrance to the north entrance and back. Just mapped it and it added 3/4 mile to the run…so 2.75 miles all in. I checked my timer when done and found that I had done it in 25:35 which is a 9:18 PACE – which ROCKS-ROCKS-ROCKS!!!

My neighborhood is very hilly so this was especially good on time…I took advantage of the downhills and “coasted” and pedaled up the hills a bit faster than normal. I have “Popeye” calves so it is the one thing they are good for – climbing. They are what they are.

I am proud of myself this morning after all…I bet SELF gets to sleep earlier tonight..dumb-butt.

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