2011-1-2 Getting (re)Started

Here is a picture of the hole I have dug for myself – I put my toe on the scale last week and read “GET OFF!” as my weight….man, am I bummed about this. I seem to play this game with myself that if I just exercise more, watch what I eat a little bit more, I’ll be fine…and it doesn’t work out. Now I love projects and I seem to create the kind of tension for a project that requires herculean effort to pull off, but man, this is just rediculous. I need to lose 50 POUNDS! That just doesn’t seem possible. And I’m a little concerned that I might need to lose more, but I just don’t want to think about that right now. Almost 5 years ago, I got my weight down to 210-215 and had people telling me they were a bit concerned about me losing too much…yeah, you can do the math, I just am not willing to type the number.

My story is pretty classic – athlete in HS and college but life happens and physicaly activity isn’t required PLUS I can afford to buy as much food as I want so you put all this together and you get a fat guy. It’s interesting how much more effort EVERTHING takes to accomplish when I am out of shape…it affects everything I do from being difficult to get out of bed, to what I choose to do with my day, how fast I get my stuff done….the metaphor of swimming in peanut butter is overused, but often this is what it feels like…seems like I lose about 20% of my effort to this condition. Well, the best thing to have done would have been running steady all year, the second best thing to do is to start now.

So basically, here is what I have to do, categorically speaking, to lose this weight:

1.) Drink about a gallon of water per day

2.) get my cardio in every day (40 minutes at least will do it)

3.) take in about 1800 calories per day (right ratios of right stuff)

4.) strengthen my core

It’ll take me about 90 days to really make a big dent in this but I have done it before, I think I just need to own it more this time and make a long-term change in my lifestyle so I don’t find myself at the bottom of this hole again.

Root for me.

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  • Laura

    Finally got over here to check out your updates. I am DEFINITELY rooting for you, Chris! I’m in the same boat, really. I managed to maintain a modicum of activity throughout the year, but not like what I need to really be the weight and fitness level that I need to be. Getting into a good regular routine is key… I’m still figuring mine out.

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