2011 1-2 A WHOLE NEW YEAR !!!

I’m trying to remember how my whole blog works – I’m amazed at how I can forget things when I’m just not doing them frequently. I’m in here trying to clean up the site a bit – had over 800 spam comments…thanks to all you spammers that suck. (that’s all of you by the way) on the off chance that anyone needs and drugs from another country, mail-order wife, nike shoes or viagra at REDICULOUS prices, let me know. Right now I’m working on the assumption that we are all good in those regards. I’m not prepared too much for this but just wanted to jump back into the blogosphere with both feet so I could just get started and refine/remember as I go. I’ll enter a number of comments today and build a new page or two and see if I can grab a few photos as well. And YES – I’m back to running, just barely, but hit the road a little bit this week and will do so again today. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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