5-14 Legs & Back (p90x)

Had to go solo on this workout as Katie was already scheduled for a workout with her trainer.  Leg workout was THOROUGH…couldn’t go the full distance on the wall squats….I killed the Calf Raises…I have Popeye Calves…so I got a little boost from genetics.  The Back portion was good, but still using the BANDS ’cause I haven’t mounted my Chin Up Bar yet….still worked hard, did 25 reps on the Red Bands – man, I hope those never break as I cannot imagine the pain of getting whipped with one of those would cause.

Going down to Camp Classen with Corey today for the weekend so tomorrow’s Kenpo workout ain’t gonna happen, but 3-4 of the dads that are going are triathletes so they will be good for a run that usually includes pushups every mile or so…should be a good sub, plus we’ll be playing basketball, hiking and all kinds of things.

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