5-12 GREAT bike ride - I won

got a 40-mile ride in this afternoon with my friend with 2 first names: Caleb McCaleb.  Andrew joined us for the last 2 10-mile laps and that was fun.  Running, I’m the slowest in my group. Riding, I’m a much faster competitor – big long legs make the wheels on the bus go round-and-round, round-and-round….Andrew got way out in front on the last lap so I asked Caleb if I could go catch him so I cranked it up to 31 MPH and crushed him…last mile of the ride was into a headwind of about 30 MPH so I had to work hard to keep a 10-12 mph pace, but I did…

Victories at this point in life are fewer and further between so I try to grab as many as I can without being too offensive.  In all fairness, Andrew didn’t know we were racing.

But I still whipped him…ha. I also won the game “Hide the Bicycle Seat” as you can see in the photo.

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