5-10 Day 1 – Week 1 – Chest/Back – Ab Ripper X

Alarm goes off at 5 AM…I snooze it once…not bad.  Katie and I are up and getting ready to go downstairs.  We did it.  Now today’s workout was different since I learned a few things last week AND I don’t have my chin up bar yet…I ordered it but it won’t be here til tomorrow.  I used the BANDS which is tricky all by itself, you have to learn how to use them which interferes with getting the best workout, BUT much better than NO workout.

I SUCK at pushups…I’m really bad at them….I should probably wear a skirt to work today since I did them all Girl Style…I learned last week to just work at my level…apparently my level is a 4th grade girl.

Now the good news is even though I suck at pushups I’m really really AWFUL at chin ups…so the bands were a good excuse and I used the bigger band, but it also is a GIRL set…so I’m shopping for that skirt now.

Actually I figured that it would be best just to get started and figure out how to adjust and tune as I go without totally disabling myself in the first week.  The push ups will get easier as I get stronger so I’m looking forward to that.  I mean, I can do 12-15 MAN pushups, but then I have to go eat an ice cream cone to recover for more….this crazy workout has you doing 30 pushups of one kind alternating with 15 chinups of a kind THEN switching to 30 more pushups and THEN back to 15 different type chin ups…

But the good news is, once you are through the routine, you get to do it again.  Nice touch.  And for those of you that can actually do that, THEN you add on Groin Ripper X…Actually Ab Ripper X, but you’ve got to do them right.  Don’t want to feel the burn in the wrong spot…well, I don’t.  There are people out there who like that kind of thing I suppose.

Day 1 DONE!…I’m off to Lerner’s – they carry PLUS sizes

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