5-07 What the X?

So I decide to find out what the big deal about P90X and showed up at T3’s corporate workout club (yeah – he’s got cool toys) and I figure, “hey, how hard could it be? I can run a marathon” Well, it’s VERY hard just to skip to the answer.

BUT I HAVE MADE A DECISION:  I will not take on another marathon or ultra event unless I lose 30 or more pounds of fat.  It’s just been too difficult to push my big blobby self and I really start to dislike the event of running which should not be part of it.  I just sort of ran with my thinner fitter friends since this last January most of the time and ate what I wanted without really sticking to ALL the workouts and capitalizing on the fact that I’m really burning a TON of calories on these runs and if I just tried a little I could drop weight back to my 2007 weight of 210.

Some people feel discouraged because they have put on a lot of weight and don’t know how to lose it.  I’m actually worse because I  LOST the weight a few years ago ran my first marathon and then started eating like an idiot again and put the weight back on.  WHY?  see the earlier reference to being an idiot.

SO – I’ve got some friends and coworkers that have done this beasty program and I sampled it…YIKES-DOUBLE YIKES! it was hard and when I was struggling with the AB BUSTER X thingy AFTER the Chest & Back Workout (since that’s not enough) I apparently tried to compensate some of the leg lifting by using my groin somehow…how do I know this?  Because that part of my body has been shrieking for the past week as evidence that I should NOT do exercises that way.  Note to self: “self -don’t use groin when doing ab workouts”

enough about my groin…how’s your groin?  Anyways….I told my lovely wife unit (Katie) about my exploits and she says she wants to do it too…so now to figure out how to get the home set up to be just like T3’s 2000 sq/ft workout facility?  We actually do have a workout room in the basement but no chin up bar no padded floor, but I can see it working…more to come later….

Oh, and I lost 5 pounds this week just eating smart.  started at 250 for those of you keeping track…cause I am.

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