it turns out that T has NOT seen the best western(not the hotel) movie of ALL TIME…

Don’t attempt to argue with me, it would be pointless…it would waste your time and annoy me

Kurt Russel is great, Val Kilmer is AWESOME…the cast is fantastic…!

there’s NOTHING to not like about this movie…

When T told me he hadn’t seen this movie, I physically assaulted him…yep..punched him right in the arm….

I promptly informed him that we could no longer be friends until he watched the movie with me…I texted my beautiful wife and told her of my friends cinematic delinquency, she promptly called him on the phone to chew him out and J-Dog was there with us and we all agreed to see it at my house – we got a COOL theater room…on SUNDAY night…which turned into MONDAY night…it was good…really good

apparently my hypocrisy knows no bounds….


don’t even ask about Dolph Lundgren…that was a bad movie, poor adaptation of the comic (YES – I collect) and Dolph(Big Surprise) acted poorly in it…

the Thomas Janes version was better than that, but I have found MOST of my trips to the dentist to be better than that piece of filmatic failure…

Punisher: War Zone Poster - Click to View Extra Large ImagePUNISHER: WAR ZONE (DVD only version) was VERY good…very true to the comic….dark justice…Frank Castle just doesn’t mess around.

he punishes bad guys and I’m not talking about time out…I’m talking game over.

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