Montauk Monster

The Internet and News Media (often the same) can harvest bad news from such a much larger geographic region than ever before and visually cram it into our eye sockets at light speed.I can’t absorb all the bad news that gets thrown at me by the media.  It’s too much to take in all at once. 

Ever notice how bad stuff seems epidemic in waves? We can’t just have one bank robbery, we have to have 27 over a 4 week period. Then it seems, we, the public, get a little numbed to the bandit stories so there’s a transition to carjackings, not just one, but 53 over the next 20 days.  Oh, and we can’t just have rain anymore, but we’ve got “Severe Weather” and I’m actually watching 4-5 guys with camera crews following them that collectively don’t have enough sense to, you guessed it, come in out of the rain.

I miss the good ol’ rain and thunderstorms that make Oklahoma fun in the springtime.  Someone upgraded us to Severe or Extreme Weather when I wasn’t paying attention.  How about tornado “watches”…no tornadoes, but we’re looking for them.  Is that actually a condition worth reporting?  It’s not an event, but it could be?

I just think that we all might benefit from having to participate in a News Safety Perspective Class before we’re allowed to watch the news -sort of like Driver’s Ed.  We could watch the news for 6 months with a Licensed News Interpreter before we are allowed to watch on our own.’

I’m just concerned that the media is negligently creating a subconcious layer of fear towards our fellow man the he/she doesn’t deserve and we all miss out on the friendliness of most people because we are still thinking about the guy in Montauk who went nutzo and did some horrific stuff.  There’s now one more reason I don’t live in Montauk, but now I’ve got to check the windows and doors one more time because my wife is worried. 

You know how you can set your weather info to give you the weather in the area YOU actually live in?  Can we do that for Bad News too?  I don’t want to hide from the whole world, I just want to filter out the EXTRA stuff from Montauk.

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