1-6 Walker’s High

I’ve had a lot of people refer to the “runner’s high” that is supposed to be some sort of mental/physical state of “goodness” that occurs when said runner hits a certain point in their run.  Well, I’ve been running (slowly – but running) for 3 years now and I’ve run enough distances 10K to 26.2 to 40’ish as part of a relay team and ALL(most) of the training runs that go into preparing for those events. While I do get to a point where running seems very natural and effortless, I have never experienced the “runner’s high”.  However, AFTER I am done running for about 30 minutes I absolutely do feel VERY good.  Very calm, very relaxed and extremely peaceful.  did 5 miles this morning and 30 minutes after, felt SO good, it was almost worth it.  Can’t wait to drop 40 lbs and and enjoy the process of earning my Walker’s High more…

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