Cro-Magnon to the X-Men

I like comics. My son(Corey) wants to be Superman when he grows up; I think he’s already super!  I, on the other hand, would choose other super powers since I have delved into many different comic book hero types.  Seems like there are handier skills than flying, being bullet-proof with X-ray vision.  I like Wolverine a lot, you can pound that guy, burn him, cut him in half and he keeps healing and getting angrier.  The adamantium skeleton helps out too.  This idea that we could start to discover mutant developments in our DNA that allow us to do cool things is, well COOL! As I have examined my personal evolution since I have been reading comics, it appears I am more predisposed to devolve than evolve. rats – super powers would have been much better.

Well, the longer I’m around, the more I notice that we are not improving as a race and I’m also noticing that more and more species are becoming extinct and new ones are not developing. Now I don’t presume to know it ALL, but there are some problems with evolution I have found.  First, most people don’t know what it means – I didn’t really at first. 

Let’s start there:  Evolution means: change over time.

Hmm, that doesn’t sound so bad.  As a matter of fact, I have changed over time :). I found there are a couple of distinct variations in the Evolutionary definitions that are important to mention.  MICRO-evolution and MACRO-evolution. The thing we should all think about is do MICRO(small) changes ever add up to MACRO(large) changes?  There is good evidence for small variations within species, there is LOTS of it.  There is SO much, I found that I feel very comfortable accepting MICRO evolution within species to be a commonplace occurrence even today.  Case in point: Darwin’s Finches.  Charles Darwin used his discovery of a species of finches in the Galapogos Islands that were also present in other parts of the world, America specifically, to propel his theory of MACRO evolution by observing MICRO variations/evolutions between different samples of the same/similar species of finches in different environments.  Namely, the beak size of the Galapogos Finches was obviously larger than their American cousins.  Upon inspection for a cause, it was found that the rocky terrain made a more favorable feeding ground for birds/finches with longer beaks.

OK – I’m following this so far.  Small beak birds don’t get as much food, are weaker and either perish more quickly, get eaten faster or don’t win the Finch Mating Game as often as the Finch with a bigger beak.  So two big-beak Finches “hook up” and guess what they hatch? Pterydactls?….ha. NOPE…they have combined genes that make it more likely to have baby birds with bigger beaks, but they haven’t dropped their genetic code or their recessive traits.  Now I know this is a more simplistic interpretation of his “Origin of Species” but not by much.  Micro-evolution is pretty evident when we find species in an environment that favors bigger or faster citizens of a species.  But we never find that NEW species…we just find another finch with a big beak.  Guess what happens when you take a group of those big beaks back to the mainland where Big beaks are not required…beak size normalizes..still no Pterydactls though…that would be cool, but it doesn’t happen.

So, Micro evolution seems to make sense, but I haven’t found good examples of Macro-Evolution.  There should be millions of examples of Transitionary Creatures that were half fish/half monkey or half bird/half spider…I’ll tackle some of the more recognizable “Missing Links” on other posts…like “Lucy”, “Cro-Maganon Man”, and these others we’ve heard about and some we haven’t.

I still like comics and I still think I want the healing mutant powers…that would so rock.

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  • t3

    It is said that a woman marries a man hoping she can change him and a man marries a woman hoping she will stay the same. That would make men creationists and women evolutionists wouldn’t it?

    On a slightly more relevant note…. it is not an insignificant observation that evolution when applied scientifically leaves no room for what most people would consider human morality. If the current state of human evolution is a result of genetic superiority for the current conditions, then my ability/willingness to eliminate any competition for the available resources would make me the naturally selected state of my current species. In english…if evolution is how we got here then you cannot argue that it is wrong for me to kill those who would threaten my ability to thrive, nor can you fault me for being biased (racially, physically, or any other ally) in my selection of mate and community members as I might well be acting on my instinctual knowledge of what will lead me to be the fittest to survive.

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