2011-1-24 LATE New Year’s Resolution(s)

OKAYYYY!!! I’m throwing it out there…

I’m having HUGE amounts of trouble staying on track with my goals and I’m not sure why. (well, the obvious answer is that it’s MUCH easier to stay fat, get fatter, be lazy, etc etc etc…but I’ve always been more of a git-r-done kinda guy than that)

I really do NOT want to stay stuck so I’m going to devote some effort into getting a good support network set up around me to help ensure my success. I ran/exercised great week one of this year, then got sidetracked week 2, then a little bit of effort last week and then I stepped on the scales this morning to see what I knew I would see…rats.

So here’s what I’m going to do:

I’ve spent some time writing down 4 associated lists on one piece of paper:

1.) What are the things I WANT to be doing in my life consistently right now?

2.) How have I been FEELING the last 3-4 months? (because I’m not doing them, hint: bad)

3.) How would I LIKE to be feeling? (another hint: good)

4.) What will it TAKE for me to do this? (get to the point where I’m feeling good)

So I’ve written them down and nope, I’m probably not going to post them here, but I will address some of them on some posts…

Here’s what I want to get done today…get up at 6:00 AM…DONE…yeah!, get a run in..NOT yet…but I am committing to the world wide webernet blogosphere that I will…I’ll post today/tonight when it’s done..

Here’s the First List in case you want to know:

What are the things I want to be doing consistently in my life right now?

1.)    I want to be running regularly 5-6 times per week

2.)    I want to be getting up at 6:00 AM or earlier daily

3.)    I want to weigh 215 lbs or less

4.)    I want to feel healthy and rested

5.)    I want to be making breakfast for my family most mornings

6.)    I want to be a size 36 maybe even 34

7.)    I want to be working on my World View

8.)    I want to be growing/developing my Christian Faith

9.)    I want to have a healthy perspective & behavior with food and drink

10.) I want to be spending the right time and effort as a father and husband..

to be continued……

2011 1-2 A WHOLE NEW YEAR !!!

I’m trying to remember how my whole blog works – I’m amazed at how I can forget things when I’m just not doing them frequently. I’m in here trying to clean up the site a bit – had over 800 spam comments…thanks to all you spammers that suck. (that’s all of you by the way) on the off chance that anyone needs and drugs from another country, mail-order wife, nike shoes or viagra at REDICULOUS prices, let me know. Right now I’m working on the assumption that we are all good in those regards. I’m not prepared too much for this but just wanted to jump back into the blogosphere with both feet so I could just get started and refine/remember as I go. I’ll enter a number of comments today and build a new page or two and see if I can grab a few photos as well. And YES – I’m back to running, just barely, but hit the road a little bit this week and will do so again today. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

I'm not ready to talk about this

my very wonderful son hit me with some very real tough issues that have come up in his life and was asking for help.

I decided that I’m not ready to be a father.  I’ve got 5 children and I realized that I’m not qualified to mentor them in all the individual ways they need me to and that frightens me to the core.  You see, there’s one major problem, I’m a seriously flawed human being with a LOT of hang-ups.  I’m also a very selfish individual. If you didn’t know this already, being selfish and a good father are mutually exclusive approaches to life…rats.

When these little babies grow up to look down at you (figuratively…he’s actually taller than me) and have heavy life issues it’s pretty sobering.  The first advice that pops to mind “Walk it off, buddy, walk it off” doesn’t seem appropriate.  Double-rats…seems like I may just have to roll up my sleeves and get dirty.

It’s times like these that I’m SO glad that I belong to a bigger plan and a bigger planner.  This world can be so harsh and the answers to life’s questions can be so difficult to decipher. I simply cannot and do not want to imagine what it would be like to have to face the severity and seriousness of life without God and the access He has given us to Him through his Son.  I’m not being silly, I’m not being religious and I can’t imagine being more serious.  Thank you Lord, humbly, thank You for Your peace, thank you for your wisdom, please guide us, please keep us close to you and continue to teach us how to love You and how to love each other.

other mother brother

does anyone have a brother/sister that you would not be friends with except for the fact that you are closely related? Not to imply that I do, but I would guess it’s a safe bet that we know what that’s like for a period of time or longer.  The point of the question is not to sneakily complain about my siblings (or them me :) ) but to bring up the idea that we choose to overlook a hurt or offense BECAUSE hey, he’s my brother, right?

What would it take to remember this “person” we’re dealing with is someone’s brother, or mine – from another mother?

Truth is, that’s probably the truth.  Wow, I’ve got a lot of work to do.

Doc Holliday

Tombstone is one of my all time favorite movies.  I really like the way it portrays the friendship between Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday. In a particular shootout, Doc is asked why he is there and he simply says, “Wyatt is my friend”.  One fella says “Heck, I’ve got lots of friends.” To which Doc replies, “I don’t”.

I was visiting with a true friend this morning and we were discussing the basic ingredients of real friendship. Seems like respect was a common requirement as we looked at our most important friendships, but respect mingled with admiration and honesty.  We also seemed to discover that in order for it to be a true friendship, it needs to be reciprocal.

We’ve heard the counsel “To have a friend, be a friend”…so it follows that “To have a great friend, be a great friend”.

I’ve decided that I don’t have many friends, not enough at least and I’m short on great friends because of it.  I’ve decided that I’m going to be on the lookout for more folks that I can be a friend to.  I realize that I tend to slide in this slow spiraling descent of self-centeredness that ends in not having many real friends and even less great friends.  I’m going to climb out a bit.


Montauk Monster

The Internet and News Media (often the same) can harvest bad news from such a much larger geographic region than ever before and visually cram it into our eye sockets at light speed.I can’t absorb all the bad news that gets thrown at me by the media.  It’s too much to take in all at once. 

Ever notice how bad stuff seems epidemic in waves? We can’t just have one bank robbery, we have to have 27 over a 4 week period. Then it seems, we, the public, get a little numbed to the bandit stories so there’s a transition to carjackings, not just one, but 53 over the next 20 days.  Oh, and we can’t just have rain anymore, but we’ve got “Severe Weather” and I’m actually watching 4-5 guys with camera crews following them that collectively don’t have enough sense to, you guessed it, come in out of the rain.

I miss the good ol’ rain and thunderstorms that make Oklahoma fun in the springtime.  Someone upgraded us to Severe or Extreme Weather when I wasn’t paying attention.  How about tornado “watches”…no tornadoes, but we’re looking for them.  Is that actually a condition worth reporting?  It’s not an event, but it could be?

I just think that we all might benefit from having to participate in a News Safety Perspective Class before we’re allowed to watch the news -sort of like Driver’s Ed.  We could watch the news for 6 months with a Licensed News Interpreter before we are allowed to watch on our own.’

I’m just concerned that the media is negligently creating a subconcious layer of fear towards our fellow man the he/she doesn’t deserve and we all miss out on the friendliness of most people because we are still thinking about the guy in Montauk who went nutzo and did some horrific stuff.  There’s now one more reason I don’t live in Montauk, but now I’ve got to check the windows and doors one more time because my wife is worried. 

You know how you can set your weather info to give you the weather in the area YOU actually live in?  Can we do that for Bad News too?  I don’t want to hide from the whole world, I just want to filter out the EXTRA stuff from Montauk.

1-5 Cockswain?

Rowed for 20 minutes today, got to wondering what it would be like to row on water? Actually ice this morning being butt-cold. It’s interesting to me that there is actually a job on rowing teams for one guy/gal to simply coordinate the others and NOT help row. It’s interesting to me when we see an example off the beaten path of the business world that defines the benefit of having a manager. In a sport where speed, strength and weight are key factors, you’ve got one person who is otherwise dead weight slowing down the team but the entire team is faster for the direction they call out keeping everyone rowing in cadence. good core workout today, mental and physical.

Friends, Noses and the Couch

You can pick your nose AND you can pick your friends…..but you can’t wipe your friends on the couch…

1/2/10: I was thinking today about being irritated with my friends that I run with (Pirana Brothers) because they ALWAYS (maybe not always, but it seems like it) drag me into doing things that are beyond my ability (well, not technically) to accomplish.  Like this morning – I figure I’ll run 4 miles, they’re fine with that (so they say) but we get to having a decent time and I decide I’ll stick it out for the 6 miles (they know what’s going on inside my head) then the farging iceholes don’t watch for the turnaround (OK – I was assuming they would) and we run an extra half mile.  I know, what’s the big deal? Well, I haven’t run for a couple months and have seriously dedicated myself to gaining weight so I have no business really being out there in the first place – that’s the big deal. So I’m almost as far out as I intended to run NOW I have to get back.  They don’t care, they didn’t put on 20 pounds in 2 months, some friends right?

Well – I got to thinking about it and I think these are the kinds of friends I really need.  If it weren’t for them, I would have been on my treadmill and maybe running 3 miles instead of 7.  I didn’t die and I came away being very impressed that I could actually do that and perhaps I wasn’t as far away from getting my running legs back as I thought.  BUT the real point is that I have friends who push me to stretch and challenge my limits and I’m better for it.  Not just in running as that’s not the bigger picture, we need to have people in our lives that push us and that’s often unpleasant in the moment, but we’re better men(people) for it. How often do I avoid challenges in life that would make me a better man for enduring? I need friends that make me do things, think things, accomplish things, endure things, complete things, attempt things and even fail at things I would simply avoid if left to my own devices.  Sincerely Thank You T3, Mav, Goose, Weeble and even Sweet T.  You made me better today and I’m not talking about the run.

~ BFG(that would be me)