2011-2-9 There’s NO run like a SNOW run!

Got the NOOBS and the DUDES together for the first time!!!  Caleb McCaleb(real name) showed UP! It was horrible weather…about 15 Degrees with windchill pulling it down to near ZERO. AND snow all over the GROUND…that’s right ALL OVER THE GROUND!

We plowed through 3.5 miles of fresh snow because none of us wanted to run today so we banded together out of desparation and had a blast. T3(on the far left), MAV, BFG, (no nickname yet Caleb) and J-Dawg did great…we figured if we could hit this run we could handle just about anything..maybe..

Yes, I was the consumnate host and brought HOT coffee for post run recovery drinks…I am so nice. Thanks to all for making the run happen today..

2011-2-8 PB & J Dawg

Holy Peanut Butter Batman!

J-Dawg came through today with a nice run…I was running behind so I left from my house to run to his and “thought” I was running fast…WRONG…then we left and I was CERTAIN we ran way too fast back to my house…WRONG the end of the run I clocked us at exactly 10:00 pace…we were huffing and puffing like we were sprinters and I cannot understand how it felt like we were putting in so much effort and turned out to be running so slow…

I have no idea. I clocked in 4.2, J-Dawg got 3.1 and turns out, he ran a couple of miles on a treadmill last night! GREAT job! I thought you had missed the first day of training – turns out you’re a tough guy!

I am tired…am going to bed…supposed to snow big time tonight, kinda hope it does enough so I can justify sleeping in….who knows?

so goodnight good citizens, good night from Fatman and the boy wonder, J-Dawg.

2011-1-8 Runnin’ in my winter underwear

It’s gonna snow again folks…several inches…YIKES…2 times in 2 weeks..THIS time I will survive, I will survive..

Gonna do a run this evening and the forecast (the nowcast actually) is calling for SNOW….lotsa snow! right now I can see the sunshine from my office but that may turn into a snowbow if the weather comes in like it’s supposed to.

There’s a 3-miler on the docket for today…I’ll come back and let you know how it goes tonight!

I’m committed…root for me. And J-Dawg too..

2011-2-7 Mav, T and The BFG (no J-Dawg)

Well, the plan started out good, but J-Dawg schedule got hijacked and he had to drop out of the run for the day. Which is too bad AND Caleb (not sure what to call him yet) couldn’t make it either…

I had set up a 3.1 mile run for J-Dawg and I was going to add a couple to it for my distance and T3 and Mav said they’d like to join us so we were planning on a group run in the Edmond Hills. Since J-Dawg had to back out, we met in OKC for the 5.35 mile route that we run often. Cleared it at a 9:10 pace which was VERY hard for me…I’ve run that within the last couple of weeks at an 8:50 but not after a week of being snowed in AND lazy..I own a very nice treadmill with a large TV in front of it..I have NO excuse for not running – well, no good excuse. Not to mention the fact that I believe I may have mastered 2 of 3 new Hot Wings recipes that I prepped for the Super Bowl – and ate an A$H[0@% of them …they were good, but not good for me.

So Hooray for Hotwings and Boo for Fitness Progress…I am an ambling convergence of conflicting consciousness. I’m working to still lose weight and I keep engaging in silly behavior…so no real net progress…I’ll continue to keep you posted…


2011- 12 week countdown

OK – here’s what I DIDN’T do last week…I didn’t run in the snow…I guess I suck and should have, but I just didn’t..

So I’ll just forget about it and get started on my 12 week preparation for the Half Marathon. I’m going to try to paste the spreadsheet in here…hold on a sec…

hmm..this isn’t as easy as i thought…wait a sec…Here it comes…:

          TEMPO     LONG  
1 Feb 6 – 12 rest 3.2 3.2 2 3.2 rest 5 16.6
2 Feb 13 – 19 rest 3.5 3.5 2.5 3.5 rest 5.5 18.5
3 Feb 20 – 26 rest 4 4 3 4 rest 6 21
4 Feb 27 – Mar 5 rest 4.5 4.5 3.5 4.5 rest 6.5 23.5
5 Mar 6 – 12 rest 5 5 4 5 rest 7 26
6 Mar 13 – 19 rest 4.5 4.5 4.5 4.5 rest 8 26
7 Mar 20 – 26 rest 5 5 5 5 rest 9 29
8 Mar 27 – Apr 2 rest 4.5 4.5 5.5 4.5 rest 7 26
9 Apr 3 – Apr 9 rest 5 5 6 5 rest 11 32
10 Apr 10 – 16 rest 4.5 4.5 6.5 4.5 rest 12 32
11 Apr 17 – 23 rest 5 5 7 5 rest 8 30
12 Apr 24 – 30 rest 5 4.5 4 rest rest rest 13.5
  May 1 13.1 Mile Half Marathon  

PRESTO – there we have it folks…I’ve put this together for Jason and Caleb mostly but also for me…I’m going to do my best to “host” their training which will also keep me on target

2011-1-30 Just like Slim Shady (8-Mile)

Fantastic Finale to a Fantastic WEEK!!! Hooked up with Mr. J-Dawg for his first LR (Long Run), I was trying to be careful for his second run and planned on keeping him to 3.1 since he smashed the 2-miler we did on Thursday (and he whined about running a 5K via text) so I figured I would sneak him into a 5K and tell him “Told Ya So….!” So he surprised me when we had finished his 3.1 miles..(yep..5K) on his second run…by saying he would run back to his house and he was feeling good. So Running Rookie KILLED a 4.3 mile distance..WOW! Now I need to say that he has run before and it’s typically NOT a good idea to run too far too soon, you can hurt yourself, strain something and be DONE with running. I’ll devote another post to developing hard tissue strength vs. muscular strength when you’re starting out another time…

So J-Dawg nailed it and I told him NO running tomorrow – just rest and then on Monday we will do an intentionally short 2-miler on Monday.

NEW PERSONAL BEST: this training cycle – this is my first SUCCESSFUL WEEK with 5 Runs totally 21.35 miles for the week! AND nailed 8 miles on my LR today..including  a few pauses I averaged 9:50 pace…I’m happy with that..

ALSO WORTH NOTING: this run was NOT flat..on serious hills..lots of hills…so the difficulty meter was high..when the Big Dog Piranas run out here with me, they say it adds about 20% effort so next time I run on the flats, I might be within striking distance of double digits – I’ll keep you posted.

Another Note: I decided today that Cheez Whiz is not food, I tried, but nothing worked to make it palatable – fail.

2011-1-27 NEW Runnin’ bud! J-Dawg

There are not enough of the right kind of words to describe how MUCH I did NOT want to run this morning…but I had made a commitment to run with a friend “J-Dawg” who is interested in getting back into running. Take this advice (me and anyone else reading) plan and commit to your runs a few days before you have to do them. I was trying to figure out last night how to get out of running…I was up late working on WPD (weapons of Pine Destruction)….OK, they’re little toy cars made out of wood, but trust me, it’s a LOT bigger deal than that.

J-Dawg(not really his pic-ha) showed up and ran the neighborhood track with me…solid 2 miles up and down some rigorous hills and kept shooting out in front of me…really SOLID run..hat’s off J-Dawg…nice, nice run. PLUS you got me out there today. Yesterday T-Man ran my tucas for 5.35 miles…at a 9:00 pace so I was DRAGGING last night and this morning was/is hard to not just go back to bed…

2011-1-26 PWD baby, PWD!!!

I have a tendency to undereat in the first several days that I get excited about dropping’s just mentally easier to not eat than figure out what to eat…the problem is that it doesn’t work. It’s a weird form of self-sabotage. Yet I do it.

anyhoo…I got a 5.35 mile run in with Super-T today..he asked how far? I said “4”, he said OK…let’s run down by the capital…freaker…not wanting to be openly ridiculed, I figure..OK..did it last week, I can do it again. Well, I did it, but holy CRUD! I was tired and since I had been not eating, because I’m so smart, I cratered right after. The good news is that I didn’t have much to do this evening.

Except take care of the kids, since my very sexy wife was going out to a basketball game with her BFFs AND fix dinner (no guy-food on the premises) so I made flapjacks from SCRATCH…SCRATCH I tell you! You know the cupboard is bare when you’re out of Bisquick. And get them bathed, one is sick AND tomorrow is check in for PWD !!! Of course you know what PWD is…right? Don’t you? …You don’t. hmmm….

Pinewood Derby is to Cub Scouts what Girl Scout Cookies are to Girl Scouts. The only justification for the entire organization-for the entire year. When it is before PWD and I’m at a meeting I hear “blah, blah, blah..pwd is 6 months away…blah, blah, blah” AFTER PWD.. I feel like it’s basically off-season and we should be in woodshop training, dry viscosity 101 and Physics under 32 feet 202, etc. Belt loops are fine, badges are good..but we all know that we’re just plotting for the next PWD season.

SO, I want so badly to sleep. My legs hurt, my dogs are barking, my eyelids are slamming shut but I’ve got wheels to mount (3 sets), a speed starter bar to mount and let the kids put decals on their buggies (preferably without touching them, breathing on them or looking at them directly)….

I find out I’ve left the PWD decal book at my freakin’ office…CRUD, CRUD, CRUD…Then I notice the red pinstripe I painted on Connor-man’s VERY cool car has bled all over the freakin’ place…my beautiful wife watches me as I peel off the tape (that was SUPPOSED to keep that $&!% from happening) and see that I have basically RUINED the paint job..and I’m cussing, cussing , cussing….

Well, pretty wife makes a suggestion on how to fix it and guess what? It worked…

got two sets of tires mounted, paint fixed, and starter bar in place..

I may just make it…

J-dog is showing up at my place at 8:30 AM to run…holy moly…I’m going to bed..NOW!

2011-1-25 YEP – nailed it again!

forgot I had lunch at YMCA for council thingy…WHOLE OTHER story…but short version is they don’t want my input, they want my money and the money of everyone I know….not that the Y is a bad thing…just not what I was expecting..I’ll take the heat for that one..

SOOOOO….hook up with Tommy to run a 4-Banger and got it pushed out. didn’t remember my handy-dandy timer watch so i don’t know speed, just know distance. I’m FINE with that…4 miles -no walking..

Ate good today…happy with that too…tomorrow have already made plans to run so I’m covered there…

If anyone cares..and no one should..I chafed the H.E. double-hockey sticks out of my thighs…WTH??!!! So I’ve been walking around the homestead like a bronc-bustin’ cowhand tryin’ my best to not let my thighs meet each other….ordered some Butt Butter from Amazon ’cause that’s magic stuff for saddle chafe/cheek friction…went ahead and popped for the $3.99 to get that slick stuff here freakin’ tomorrow! It’s good to be a PRIME Amazon customer..

goodnight pardners…these dogs are barkin’…I’m callin’ it a night..

just wanted to let you know I got it done.

2011-1-25 2 days in a row – I hope!

Got up early…again.

Going to go running again…called a friend – OK, he called me so I get to go running with a bud…I’m aiming for 4 miles, just want to get a decent run in.

I made progress on two other things I felt I needed to:

1.) called a friend to see if he wanted to begin running together – his wife said he did/should or some such rot but I figured I better ask him directly. He SEEMS to but I need to find out for real. You really can’t run for someone else – it’s too demanding and emotionally tough. He lives close so it could be VERY convenient so I hope it works out. He complained that he won’t be able to keep up with me…I REDEFINE slow…

2.) talked to another friend about getting together for a Small Group study weekly. I really need to be involved in a weekly conversation about applied faith, otherwise I devolve. I figure I need to ask about 10 guys so there are 4-5 that say YES. Friday mornings at 6 AM anyone? Seriously, it’s  a cool thing – did it for almost 5 years when I lived in Chicago -was GREAT!

I read my list this morning and it was a good centering activity. I realized that I’d like more of a narrative affirmative sort of thing that I can read that is conversational in tone where I am reading my own thoughts about what I want to accomplish and why. The list is OK, but doesn’t give me the context that I want to make it more convicting….I’ll keep you posted on that.

I’ll update this post IF I get my run in…try to keep it to one post per day..maybe…short posts seem better too…figure anyone who is reading would prefer 1-3 small posts per day vs. one that runs on and on..with that in mind…BYE.