2011-2-28 Know What I Mean?

OK…so it wasn’t Mt. Everest. But it was cold! I say this because cold is a relative term. See, last night it was balmy after hitting 80 degrees during the day. (yes it’s February) I woke up at 1:30 in sweat because the heater was on and the house temp said 76 and it’s ALWAYS hotter in the bedroom…(you know what I mean)( yep – that’s what I mean)

So, I figure it’s going to be 60 degrees or so for the 6 AM run this morning and I dressed light..checked the weather and it said 36 degrees !!!!  NO WAY…!  Way. It  actually was AND there were snowflakes in the air… NFW! (interpret that in an age-appropriate way)(yep- that’s what I meant)

so we rattle off a 4.5 mile jaunt over to “Thomas” Hill and back…man he’s a pain in the arse. Intimidating, exhausting, challenging and slippery when wet. The run was hard too. (you know what I mean)

J-Dawg has had a nice running breakthrough. He’s had 3 runs without breaking stride. He’s getting his legs and learning how to breathe. He’s actually starting to push/pull me a bit. I guess I better lose some weight fast.(er) Tomorrow, T3 is going to join us and I’ve thrown out an invite to Mav also. Hopefully they’ll join us. I’d love to see Mav completely dominate “Thomas” Hill.

(You know what I mean)

(also, big brother Petch nailed a nice LONG WALK on Saturday. looks like he’s extended his range to 1.75 miles – GREAT JOB!)

2011-1-26 Mav, Goose, T3, J-Dawg and BFG LONG RUN

HEY – it was a great morning for a run. Mav and T3 needed a 16-miler this morning, Goose wanted 6, J-Dawg needed 6 and I just needed another drink…but I ran instead. Everyone seemed to do very well this morning. It was brisk at 32 degrees but not a bad temperature for running really. Mav planned out a crazy back-and-forth, zig-zaggy route from his house to Lake Hefner then to Lake Overholser (or Holdhercloser)….Goose is recovering from a head wound (slip and fall) so he tagged 6 miles – GOOD JOB GOOSEY! J-Dawg met us all at the 4 mile mark and Plan A was to run to 5, turn around with me and run back. 5 + 1 is 6 – get it? But after getting slight motion-sickness running Mav’s zig-zag route we agreed to run out to 6 and then just run straight, more or less, back to Mav’s house. Well, it turned into MORE actually. but that was GOOD “cause we were feeling good and J-Dawg got a 6.6 mile PR out of it. I got 10.6 out of it so everyone’s happy.

I texted to Mav and T3 and asked how the rest of their run went and they said they did great after they dropped the dead weight. Now, I’m assuming that was the potty break for Little Mav at mile 4 where we had to wait for him while our pace was suffering. I’m sure he’s not talking about US….

Well, I can almost guarantee a Negative Split any day you want to run if you let me run the first half with you….I may not be very good, but I’m definitely slow.

2011-2-24 No time for a run…

Some days(or weeks) it seems there’s just too much to do and you can’t squeeze in a run….didn’t run on Tuesday and then missed Wednesday..

you know how you start to feel WAY off schedule? Yep. So it wasn’t looking good today either. J-Dawg called in same situation and said..”we gotta”

So we did. Thanks Dude…some days I need someone else to manage the run. 4.4 miles at a 9:24 pace. On Hills, both Ways. … and we liked it.

2011-2-21 Faster than a Rain Drop

Yep. I win. I RULE the skies!

The average rain drop falls from the sky at 7 MPH. I ran 4+ miles in slightly under 8:30 pace which means that I ran at slightly faster than 7 MPH which means I REIGN over RAIN!

Bring it Mother Nature and I’ll send you packing again. I’ve got snow so frightened I don’t think it’s coming back until next winter. And before any of you nay-sayers find out that rain can fall faster than that, I will point out it can also fall slower than that. I’ll also say I can run faster than that  – so jes sheddup.

J-Dawg hit a PR also, I saw that I was running fast and T had been pulling us for the front few miles so I decided to see if I could push myself for a nice negative split. I am happy about this.

Rain, rain, go away…or I’ll kick your wet heiny!

2011-2-19 Weeble Wobbled with us for LR

Yeah! Weeble joined us for our LR this morning – always a pleasure to have him along…

Chooch got a record-breaking 6-er in today because we LIED to him and told him it was only 5.5. Weeble just ran the Houston Marathon a couple weeks ago so he’s running good and did almost 11 miles with me while T3 realized we are all running the HALF-Marathon and he needs to be running 14-16 today so he ran from his house to join us which adds a mile or so each he gets credit for 13’ish…nice job.

Chooch got to learn about breathing today as he was running out of 02 a few times. He’s got great endurance as a cylcist…really, this guy will literrally ride for hours and hours, but the transition to running is different..since you can’t coast when you run out of breath if you’re RUNNING! otherwise it’s called WALKING!

but Chooch should be proud of a new distance PR. it was QUITE warmer than normal and the distance was further than he had ever run before…so NICE JOB .. CHOOCH!

J-Dawg was at the lake and texted me LATE (11:20 PM) Saturday night saying he had gotten a good 4+ miler in before midnight…we need to look out for this MANIAC! literally running in the middle of the night to Git R Done…well played sir, well played.

so good job ALL…I dropped the ball and didn’t call Goose since his slip and fall head injury to see if he wanted a few miles…I texted and apologized, turns out he got some bicycle time in and was good.

ALSO: Big Brother Petch got in a LW to boot. He’s begun walking for exercise and stapled another half mile onto his prior walking distance so another PR occured today.

ALSO-ALSO: Super Wife/Mom KT ran uninterrupted for 2 miles which is PHENOMENAL! She is well on her way to handling her leg of her Relay coming up in May…NICE JOB!

2011-2-17 Queen, Chooch & J-Dawg

Yep – did it all.

I did not do my Tempo Run yesterday (wed) as per my schedule dictates. So I figured I would go against my typical advice and let missed runs go and NOT try to make them up….if they were really your runs then they will come back…if not, you will choke and die on race day. The weather has been so strangely amazing 78 degrees today..that I decided to get my bike out, pump up the tires and hit the hills on the way to meet the guys for a 3.5 mile Distance Run.

A good high-cadence bike ride does wonders for my pace – I Like to Ride my Bicycle…I like to ride my bike.  HOLY COW! Last year I was sprinting up these hills on my bike and taunting my riding buddies as I passed them…I almost didn’t make it..not to mention I left NO time for a rest before my run so I had to push the pace so the other guys wouldn’t have to wait. Don’t know why I care since they make me wait sometimes…

So Chooch was there waiting on me – SURPRISE – he’s usually late…and J-Dawg was late – SURPRISE – he’s usually on time…GOOD NEWS is I got a 10 minute breather before we had to run. I hadn’t planned on needing much of a break tranisitioning from the bike, because I am stupid. We got a nice hilly 3.5 miles in. These guys don’t know how much the hills are helping their running training. They are getting faster and stronger already. When we hit the flat runs, they will rock it. They will, they will….ROCK IT.  (weak 2nd Queen reference – my apologies)

Took me a while to get my legs back cause they were rubbery after the ride. I’m glad I didn’t bite the dust.(3) Did I mention it was hot … not really ready for core temperature issues this early, yikes. That’s a good way to have a Sheer Heart Attack. (5)Cold weather training is nice as it allows me to get good distance in without overheating…you can always put more clothes on, but once you’re nekkid, it’s hard to get much cooler…

Yes, that’s me on the bike. I know, but it was A Beautiful Day.(6)

OK, OK… if you Don’t Stop Me Now(7) I’ll keep going forever. But right now I’m Under Pressure (8) to finish this up as The Show Must Go On. (9)

~ most folks would be compelled to go for a nice even 10 references, but I will stop at 9 just to be weird. I find I want to break free from stereotypes.

2011-2-15 73 degrees of perspiration

holy smokes! it’s pretty warm…last week we  (collectively Oklahoma – and, yes, I played a major role) set the all time record for “butt-cold” in OK…

what is “butt-cold” ? you ask. it’s when it’s SO cold you can feel it in your butt.

Well, last week it hit -31 degrees….not here in Edmond, but in some podunk county in Oklahoma that is now known for having the coldest recorded temperature in Oklahoma History…previously known as the most unknown town in North America. HOOray for them…still can’t remember the name of the stinkin’ place.

suffice it to say it was COLD…now it’s HOT…

J-Dawg and I rocked and rolled….REALLY appreciate the fact he was willing to run today…I had ALL KINDS of things come up today that made running a bad idea…but I’m the KING of bad ideas…well, not quite the king…but I’m at least the PRINCE of bad ideas…T3 is the KING….

well we knocked down a 9:30 pace up and down the hills we ran yesterday…. VERY proud of us…for running in the first place….and for running pretty good pace to boot…it was hot enough that I could feel my core temp rising a few times…we sprinted (sort of) up Thomas Hill and J-Dawg kept me going a lot further than yesterday..I can tell he’s going to beat me soon…

2011-2-14 Hilly Hill Run

Today was a 3.6 run, supposed to be 3.5 but J-Dawg likes to push the envelope and I don’t like to be outdone so we ran the extra .10 with smiles on our faces.

REALLY nice time with a 9:25 PACE….these were some serious hills. We took a different route today over to  my favorite short hill that I believe to be the steepest incline in the’s probably 100 yards from the stop sign to the mailbox at the top…we raced up it…it looked like a scene out of Chariots of Fire except the slow-motion segment was our actual speed. Sort of a turtle race event.

I like this hill so much I have named it “Thomas”. I like to race T3 up date I have only beat him once. He claims I cheated but that’s what losers always say…Neener, Neener.

I’m really proud of us for turning in that Pace on this particular run…J-Dawg started out fast so I just let him set pace and figured we’d be OK…I kinda want a fast time occasionally since I have been running so slow lately. It has been very snowy so it’s really difficult to consider those runs as good pace runs. On the snow and ice, my stride is very different and speed is often just not possible.

so we GOT IT DONE NICE TODAY with an early run. Chooch promised that he would run at 3:00 at the lake route…I’ll textually harass him and make sure he feels the pressure  :)

2011-2-12 We ran the distance…we ran for speed.

NICE run today gentlemen! Both J-Dawg and “Smiley”(does that work?) trying to come up with a nickname for Caleb…well – they NAILED their first official LONG RUN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  they banged out a 5-miler like pros. (professional at what I’m not sayin’) but they did GOOD. How about “Chooch”? He does sort of chug along…I’ll wait for commenters to vote..I’m really liking Chooch..a lot.

for the record, Chooch is not an early riser…he suggested we wait for the sun to come up… we did a quick skirt-check and found he was indeed packing, so we left that in the car so the others wouldn’t point and laugh – we’ll save that for later. He was amazed that so many people were not only awake before 7 AM but actually doing something…wait til we hit a 5:30 start time…that’ll be fun.

So J-Dawg and Chooch complete their run at 5, then I coast along with Mav and T3 to finish the loop and bagged my first double-digit run of the year!!!!!…Yep, you guessed it, I ran 98 miles…

LIAR!!!  OK I ran 10.something….in the snow, uphill, BOTH WAYS! which is a lot like 98 miles.

My feet are tender, my long toe (not my big toe) on my left foot is feeling mushy but otherwise I am a pretty happy camper. Had to get to 2 basketball games this morning and had a blast watching the youngest of the McIntire Clan shoot hoops.

Great Job everyone! Thanks for running, it helps me run when you guys show up. My big brother just called me and walked a 1.25 mile distance – Nice Job Petch! This is how most of us get started in running…just by walking. literally one foot in front of the other…repeat, then do that for a few weeks and then try to run 100 f eet. then build on that…gradually increase.

ALSO: my beautiful wife RAN 2 MILES today…she’s running a relay team in the upcoming Marathon so I’m SUPER proud of her. Nice job!

Today we had a great run – hats off to the guys for their first long run, my super-hot wife, my big brother who got out walking and to the 2 Piranas that helped tug me around the lake today, for them it  was a piece of…..

2011-2-10 Unless it’s another SNOW RUN!!!

OK – I’m calling them out. T3 and Mav were slackers. they didn’t run yesterday.

J-Dawg did GREAT again. another 3.1 miler nailed. I got in 4.2 cause I can run to his house before we start..guess how far apart our front doors are?

today I am dealing with a lot of back pain because there were just enough slick spots that either my gait/stance/posture was different to accomodate the different conditions OR I micro-slipped (new word score) a few times just enough to yank my back a bit…OR both.  My feet never seemed so inaccessible as they did this morning putting on socks. It was a tough call, go to them or bring them to  me. I tried bending over in a chair to sockify my feet but raising back up was unfun. For my next set of tootsies I brought the leg up, slightly better. I’m just glad I only have 2 feet.

So the GOOD news is that today is a REST day. The bad news is that I REALLY REALLY need it. I will attempt to work the ouchiness out of my back today so I can run a good LR tomorrow…shooting for 10 miles which I pretty much HAVE to hit because I’ll have to get to my car and it’s too cold to walk. I figure I can handle that since I have hit 8 on the hills 2 weeks ago and this will be a flat run. Assuming one of my vertebrae doesn’t pop out today, I’m doing it.

Caleb and J-Dawg are going to run 5 so this will be quite a huge success for them – I’m excited for these guys.

Weekly Stats so far:

Runner      Mon     Teu     Wed     Thur     Fri     Sat    

J-Dawg         2           3.1      3.5       3.1         R      TBA         (11.7 miles so far! -probably get 16.7 total)

Caleb            0           0          3.5       sub        R     TBA         (he subbed elliptical for a run)

BFG               5.35       4.2     3.5      4.2        R      TBA          (17.25 so far…aiming for 27.5 by Sat)