2011-1-5 Oooch, p90X Chest/Back plus Ab Ripper

YeeeIKES….I actually feel woozy.

GOOD NEWS…”SELF” went to bed at 10:00 and “SELF” got up at 6:00 AM…this is starting to work and it’s only been a few days.

MAJOR POINTER: it’s ALWAYS best to plan out my workout the night BEFORE…I just can’t think clearly when I wake up…trying to decide what workout to do AS I’m laying in bed is a really, really bad idea…I actually already knew that, it’s just that I got reminded of it bigtime this morning..DOH!

while I AM committed to run the Half Marathon on May 1st, I have found that a decent amount of cross training is VERY helpful to my running. I have found that I run a LOT better if my stomach,back, chest and shoulders are strong. (my core) It’s easier for me to just run every day because my legs get strong pretty quick…BUT I have found that on longer runs I have problems towards the end and during recovery in my back and shoulders. It’s sort of weird to think your arms would get tired while running BUT THEY DO.

As a matter of fact, in my opinion, I would suggest taking a training day to work on core ONLY as well as substituting one running training day with a bicycle day. I’ll devote another post to how to ride your bike so that it’s effective in helping your running efforts. I find the day after my bike ride, I run a lot faster…so basically speedwork is what you can accomplish on your bike.

BTW: today’s P90X was not a full workout..I can’t do that yet..I did the first rotation of exercises (chest/back) on my knees (yes-girly pushups) and did about 65% of the full count they do on the video…I did NOT do the 2nd rotation. Also on the Ab Ripper X…I did 15 when they were doing 25 and the Oblique Sit Up thingy they do…I have NEVER figured out how to do that one…I feel and look like a large Tuna on a boat deck waiting for my head to be bashed in by a fisherman.

Tomorrow I’m back to running.

2011 1-2 A WHOLE NEW YEAR !!!

I’m trying to remember how my whole blog works – I’m amazed at how I can forget things when I’m just not doing them frequently. I’m in here trying to clean up the site a bit – had over 800 spam comments…thanks to all you spammers that suck. (that’s all of you by the way) on the off chance that anyone needs and drugs from another country, mail-order wife, nike shoes or viagra at REDICULOUS prices, let me know. Right now I’m working on the assumption that we are all good in those regards. I’m not prepared too much for this but just wanted to jump back into the blogosphere with both feet so I could just get started and refine/remember as I go. I’ll enter a number of comments today and build a new page or two and see if I can grab a few photos as well. And YES – I’m back to running, just barely, but hit the road a little bit this week and will do so again today. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

5-17 Week 2 – workout 1

NO SKIRT TODAY!…I did Big Boy pushups this morning…I even did the Decline Pushups…MAN, what a difference a week can make!

Now the guys on the video are doing 25 per exercise and I’m doing 5, but that is a HUGE improvement for me.

I’m still using the BANDS for the Chin/Pullup portion, but I think that’s probably good.  I got the materials I need to mount my Chin Up bar yesterday at Lowe’s so I’ll probably install it tonight.

Also did the Ab Buster X and did MUCH better with it as well…

the morning weigh in didn’t show any movement, but I think I’m improving and a couple folks already mentioned that I like a little leaner without me asking or anything!

5-14 Legs & Back (p90x)

Had to go solo on this workout as Katie was already scheduled for a workout with her trainer.  Leg workout was THOROUGH…couldn’t go the full distance on the wall squats….I killed the Calf Raises…I have Popeye Calves…so I got a little boost from genetics.  The Back portion was good, but still using the BANDS ’cause I haven’t mounted my Chin Up Bar yet….still worked hard, did 25 reps on the Red Bands – man, I hope those never break as I cannot imagine the pain of getting whipped with one of those would cause.

Going down to Camp Classen with Corey today for the weekend so tomorrow’s Kenpo workout ain’t gonna happen, but 3-4 of the dads that are going are triathletes so they will be good for a run that usually includes pushups every mile or so…should be a good sub, plus we’ll be playing basketball, hiking and all kinds of things.

5-13 Yoga – well half yoga

We didn’t realize it was an hour and a half, but I don’t think it would have mattered.  On certain moves I was fighting to keep the sweat out of my eyes, not fall over, not pass out and not puke all at once….I really felt good stretching, really good so I’m looking forward to next time.  Turns out I’m pretty limber, I can get both my legs behind my head, check it out:

5-12 Shoulders and Arms

Did much better on this one…more of a traditional workout.  Figuring out right weights and some of the crazier movements.  Felt good after this one.  Was supposed to do Ab Ripper X – but we didn’t start right on time so we opted out of that one, but still feel good.  I included one of my progress pics – I think I’m beginning to see a little definition already.

5-11 Plyometrics - YIKES

I thought the first workout was hard, this one actually made me light-headed and I wasn’t even doing it half as good as the video guys/gals.  Got through it and it feels good.  Fun doing this with wifey too.

5-10 Day 1 – Week 1 – Chest/Back – Ab Ripper X

Alarm goes off at 5 AM…I snooze it once…not bad.  Katie and I are up and getting ready to go downstairs.  We did it.  Now today’s workout was different since I learned a few things last week AND I don’t have my chin up bar yet…I ordered it but it won’t be here til tomorrow.  I used the BANDS which is tricky all by itself, you have to learn how to use them which interferes with getting the best workout, BUT much better than NO workout.

I SUCK at pushups…I’m really bad at them….I should probably wear a skirt to work today since I did them all Girl Style…I learned last week to just work at my level…apparently my level is a 4th grade girl.

Now the good news is even though I suck at pushups I’m really really AWFUL at chin ups…so the bands were a good excuse and I used the bigger band, but it also is a GIRL set…so I’m shopping for that skirt now.

Actually I figured that it would be best just to get started and figure out how to adjust and tune as I go without totally disabling myself in the first week.  The push ups will get easier as I get stronger so I’m looking forward to that.  I mean, I can do 12-15 MAN pushups, but then I have to go eat an ice cream cone to recover for more….this crazy workout has you doing 30 pushups of one kind alternating with 15 chinups of a kind THEN switching to 30 more pushups and THEN back to 15 different type chin ups…

But the good news is, once you are through the routine, you get to do it again.  Nice touch.  And for those of you that can actually do that, THEN you add on Groin Ripper X…Actually Ab Ripper X, but you’ve got to do them right.  Don’t want to feel the burn in the wrong spot…well, I don’t.  There are people out there who like that kind of thing I suppose.

Day 1 DONE!…I’m off to Lerner’s – they carry PLUS sizes

5-09 tomorrow’s the BIG kickoff P90X

this is my BEFORE picture, just wanted to share so I could be more accountable. Don’t worry, the inside of the wheel barrow is padded so it doesn’t chafe my tummy too badly.

McDonalds called me yesterday because they were concerned something bad had happened to me since I hadn’t been in to their store in the last couple of weeks.


5-07 What the X?

So I decide to find out what the big deal about P90X and showed up at T3’s corporate workout club (yeah – he’s got cool toys) and I figure, “hey, how hard could it be? I can run a marathon” Well, it’s VERY hard just to skip to the answer.

BUT I HAVE MADE A DECISION:  I will not take on another marathon or ultra event unless I lose 30 or more pounds of fat.  It’s just been too difficult to push my big blobby self and I really start to dislike the event of running which should not be part of it.  I just sort of ran with my thinner fitter friends since this last January most of the time and ate what I wanted without really sticking to ALL the workouts and capitalizing on the fact that I’m really burning a TON of calories on these runs and if I just tried a little I could drop weight back to my 2007 weight of 210.

Some people feel discouraged because they have put on a lot of weight and don’t know how to lose it.  I’m actually worse because I  LOST the weight a few years ago ran my first marathon and then started eating like an idiot again and put the weight back on.  WHY?  see the earlier reference to being an idiot.

SO – I’ve got some friends and coworkers that have done this beasty program and I sampled it…YIKES-DOUBLE YIKES! it was hard and when I was struggling with the AB BUSTER X thingy AFTER the Chest & Back Workout (since that’s not enough) I apparently tried to compensate some of the leg lifting by using my groin somehow…how do I know this?  Because that part of my body has been shrieking for the past week as evidence that I should NOT do exercises that way.  Note to self: “self -don’t use groin when doing ab workouts”

enough about my groin…how’s your groin?  Anyways….I told my lovely wife unit (Katie) about my exploits and she says she wants to do it too…so now to figure out how to get the home set up to be just like T3’s 2000 sq/ft workout facility?  We actually do have a workout room in the basement but no chin up bar no padded floor, but I can see it working…more to come later….

Oh, and I lost 5 pounds this week just eating smart.  started at 250 for those of you keeping track…cause I am.